SECOND CHANCE 1st edition/ concept, art direction & production with Carolina Rivera/ Barcelona 2011

To La Fundación Arrels, ELISAVA, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Born Comerç & The Brandery.





SECOND CHANCE 2nd edition/ concept "UNS TEXANS UNA HISTÓRIA", art direction & production with Joan Jordi Miralles/  2012 BARCELONA

To Fundació Arrels, ELISAVA, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Bulevard Rosa, Pedralves Centre, L'Illa Diagonal & The Brandery.


Grafica with Malevo TV/ Photo: Ber Arce


Video: Joan Jordi Miralles / edition with Ber Arce


PARTY SUGAR RUSH/ with Nicko Nogués & Carolina Rivera / Barcelona 2010


PAINTING BECOMES FASHION/ The City in The Brandery/ with Carolina Rivera,  Anton Unai & ELISAVA students/ Photo: Vicmouse/ Barcelona 2010



DRESS UP Showroom 0.1Edition/ Colective of young designers/ Performance MaraZango/ Barcelona 2009

with Sugar Rush, Nerea Lugain, Amimanera, My Grandmother's sofa, Elena Gallego, Georgina Vendrell, Agustina Guerrero & Uauh!


Video performance / with Carolina Rivera, Ber Arce & Malevo TV


Actresses & actors: Trini Llamas, Ricard Artís, Inés Lambisto & Paola González, Ramón Porras & Laurent


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